A simple tool to disable Windows 10 upgrade and recover up to 6GB of disk space

Windows 10 is very often silently pushed onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers.
You may have noticed this kind of "Windows 10" icon and message that pops up quite often:

And there's more: it is not unusual for up to 6GB of data (Windows 10 installation files) to be downloaded and installed on your local hard disk drive
A version of the update that deploys "Upgrade to Windows 10" components, dated 2015/December/15, has been deployed to a lot of systems! New components related to incite or force working systems to upgrade to Windows 10 are deployed every other week.
Our tool can disable them all the same. Check our Blog articles for further details.

At SysStreaming, we believe that users should have the freedom to choose what gets installed and downloaded on their devices. This is why we have created a very simple tool that automates the removal of "Get Windows 10 app" and that recovers the related disk storage.

Our tool has freed up 69.66 TB of storage and processed 413351 Windows Update components on 63391 computers so far!

It was run 0 times during the past 7 days and 0 times during the past 24 hours.

Our tool is free, we hope you would not mind if we display some advertisement in order for us to have a chance to get a little remuneration for our work.
If you wish, you can support us by using our dedicated page.
What is just below is an advertisement, not our tool
Our tool is available in the download section of this web site.

Download our simple tool

Just enter your e-mail address and click "download".

Win10wiwi current version is:
This app has been downloaded 45338 times so far
(3 times during the last 7 days)

What People Are Saying.

  • I am on limited Internet plan in Australia and I did not understand where these 6+GB were coming from... I managed to delete the files manually, I don't really know how, but they kept on coming back after a few days! Thanks to Win10wiwi, this does not happen any more now.

    Anne G.
  • It was so simple to remove the Windows 10 "nag" with this tool. I had found instructions on the net but they were not clear enough for me and I was afraid to make some mistakes that would render my computer inoperable...

    Sue J.
  • Thank you for this tool! It was fast and easy and works just as claimed. Finally my pc is back to normal :)

    Julie P.S.
  • ...This forced roll out of Win 10 is a red flag. Very concerned about privacy and unwarranted access to the PC. Thank you for cleaning my system of the windows 10 infestation & Edward Snowden is someone to admire.

    Hope you can figure out how to stop future Windows 10 virus vectors from Microsoft. The plan is to use Windows 7 until the last day of support. If i cant then Linux will be my primary OS.

  • Thank you so much! Nothing else worked!

    N.S. Black

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